• نظر به نوسان قابل ملاحظه بازار تجهیزات پزشکی (دندان پزشکی، پزشکی-بیمارستانی) و در برخی موارد نیاز به استعلام روزانه قیمت های این بازار، شرکت فن سلامت جهان ویرا، سایت حاضر را با قابلیت ارائه پیش فاکتور با تاخیر 24 ساعته از شرکت های تولیدکننده و واردکننده برای خریداران فراهم کرده است. 



    Company introduce:

    We are the earliest manufacturer in China to produce the following products:  

    1. Dual-frequency and Multi-frequency Apex Locator   

    2. Cord Endo Motor    
    3. Endo Motor with Apex Locator   

    4. Cordless Endo Motor  

    5. Portable Pulp Tester   

    6. Cordless Gutta Percha Obturation System  

       We are one of few manufacturers in global dental field to produce full set of root canal therapy equipments apex locator, endo motor, cordless gutta percha obturation system!

       Our advantages are specialty of products, immediate delivery and prompt after-service!  

       Based on the doctrine of developing dental business and reviving national causes with the sale motto of CUSTOMER SERVICE, IMMEDIATE ACTION ! and consistent to the principle of quality first, customer supremacy, we cooperate with customer at home and abroad. Friends in various fields in China and overseas are welcome for cooperation.

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